Oil Refining

We supply concentrated and 30% concentrated sodium Methoxide, which is widely utilized as catalyst for the inter-esterification of triglyceride oils, for edible and biodiesel applications.

Bleaching Earth is probably the most important processing chemical for the processing of edible oils & fats, and is also widely utilized in the re-refining of lubricating oils.

Our team of specialists have a range of proven technologies for the manufacture of a range of non-acidic and classical acid-activated bleaching earths.

We can provide consultancy, design, commission and operate a bleaching earths plant, and market the bleaching earths for our clients.

We provide a range of anti-oxidants and anti-oxidant blends to meet almost every need.

Phosphoric acid is an important degumming agent that is widely utilized in the processing of palm and other vegetable and animal oils & fats.

Sodium Methoxide (sodium methylate)


Bleaching Earth Technology and Manufacturing Plant

Bleaching Earth

Phosphoric Acid

High-purity salt for chlor-alkali manufacturing, table salt, in margarine, and many other applications.


We can supply high-quality screw presses of well-proven design, that are widely utilized for palm and seed-oil extraction applications, and are also used for oils, e.g. soyabean.

Screw Presses

Cost-effective solutions, for today, and for the future.

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Diatomaceous earth is an excellent filter-aid, and is widely used in dewaxing of edible oils.

Diatomaceous Earth

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