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Iceni Chemicals International was incorporated in Singapore in 1996, and is strategically placed in Singapore, a technical centre in Asia, and a major shipping and financial hub.


Iceni Chemicals is our subsidary company based in Malaysia, and we have associate companies in Europe.


We aim to be your preferred supplier of cost-effective solutions for your product and consultancy needs.


We provide added value-solutions through consultancy and marketing of food-processing technology and chemicals, and safety & nutraceutical products.



Our founder, Dr Pat Howes, is British, has a Ph.D. in chemistry, and has made Singapore his base since 1990.


The Company is constantly renewing its strength in the global economic competition under a team that consists of multi-national and multi-racial professionals, including chemists, food technologists, pharmacists, chemical engineers and MBA graduates, with broad experience in the food-processing & phytonutrient industries, and who are working hard for the mission of improving health.




The organization has created its market in today s highly competitive business environment as our products adhere to International Standards and are competitively priced. Our team includes experts in supply-chain management, who are committed to timely delivery and better service.


Iceni Chemicals International delivers our products to the market through its network of independent marketing distributors.




According to the American Nutraceutical Association (ANA), nutraceuticals are functional foods that have potentially disease-preventing and health promoting properties. We recognize that the market value for functional foods & Nutraceuticals is valued at up to $ 250 billion per annum.




Iceni Chemicals International has the vision of utilizing our expertise in science and business in the sourcing and marketing of a range of nutraceuticals to benefit mankind, and to do so profitably.


Our niche is that we market nutraceuticals that are of all-natural non-genetically modified and are entirely plant-based.


This coupled with assurance of the highest standards of manufacture, and competitive pricing ensures that we can profitably bring the best of nature to mankind.


Iceni Chemicals International is an up and coming company that focuses on providing simply the best products that we can possibly offer.


We are a goal oriented company that is always looking to improve.



We have established direct sources from GMP certified manufacturers from Europe and Malaysia.


Malaysia is the world leader in the production of edible oil, biodiesel, and nutraceutical supplements based on palm oil. Our knowledge and experience in all of these areas gives us a distinct edge over the competition.


Close contact and good relations with existing phytonutraceutical producers has enabled us to cherry-pick the best and most cost-effective products for our customers.


We currently supply beta-carotene and tocotrienol concentrates from Malaysia, and Omega-3 concentrates from Europe to the functional foods and nutraceutical industry, including to formulators of animal feedstuffs.


Recently we have enhanced our product range by the introduction of soft-gel encapsulated tocotrienols, to compliment our existing liquid-concentrates business.

Marketing cooperation with the best manufacturers has been a real asset to our business.


This includes our regional sole-distributor status for flaxseed-based Omega-3 that is available in 60% concentrated form, and has been processed by a patented technique that enhances the stability (shelf-life) of the product, and makes the concentrate more palatable, a distinct advantage for any nutraceutical.


One advantage of our nutraceutical products is that they are all produced according to Good Manufacturing Practices, which enables them to be accepted in all markets.


Years of combined experience in the sourcing of raw materials allows us to exert greater control in delivering consistently-high quality products to our customers while ensuring competitive prices. Complemented by our understanding of analytical chemistry and manufacturing procedures, we are well equipped to deliver the highest quality products to the nutraceutical industry.






Cost-effective solutions, for today, and for the future.

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