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High-quality aluminium bottles, of various sizes from 30 to 5000 ml, and with narrow or wide necks. All bottles are made from high-purity virgin aluminium, and are cost-effective packing for high value materials such as carotene and vitamin E concentrates. Lacquered internals available as an option. We also offer a range of colours for the caps.

Aluminium Bottles

Synthetic zeolites A, X and Y, and natural faujasite are supplied in powdered or formed extrudates, and are suitable for a range of applications, from the drying of natural gas prior to liquefaction, to aqua-cultural use for water purification.


High-quality rubber gloves, are offered in various thicknesses, colour and design, and are suitable for a wide range of applications, from milking to medical, and from safety to tattooing.

Speciality Rubber Gloves

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Cost-effective solutions, for today, and for the future.

We supply cold pressed Omega-3 concentrates of 30% & 60% concentration, that are extracted from Flaxseed oil, and purified by a patented process. These concentrates are beneficial supplements for both humans and animals.

Mixed carotene concentrates from palm oil are widely sought after as they have all the benefits of catonenoids, and they are guaranteed to be identity preserved i.e. are not genetically modified.

Mixed tocotrienol/tocopherol concentrates from palm oil have documented superior performance as compared with tocopherol concentrates from other oils, and are not genetically modified.

Omega-3 Concentrates, from cold-press Flaxseed Oil, by HEKO

Carotene Concentates from Palm Oil

Tocotrienol/Tocopherol Concentrates from Palm Oil

We supply concentrated and 30% concentrated sodium Methoxide, which is widely utilized as catalyst for the inter-esterification of triglyceride oils, for edible and biodiesel applications.

We mainly supply biodiesel that is manufactured by our customers, who utilize our bleaching earth, sodium methoxide and/or methanol.

Crude glycerine is available as a co-product of biodiesel manufacture.

Methanol is widely used as a solvent, and as a raw material for the production of biodiesel.

Sodium Methoxide (sodium methylate)

Crude Glycerine



Bleaching Earth is probably the most important processing chemical for the processing of edible oils & fats, and is also widely utilized in the re-refining of lubricating oils.

Our team of specialists have a range of proven technologies for the manufacture of a range of non-acidic and classical acid-activated bleaching earths.

We can provide consultancy, design, commission and operate a bleaching earths plant, and market the bleaching earths for our clients.

We provide a range of anti-oxidants and anti-oxidant blends to meet almost every need.

Phosphoric acid is an important degumming agent that is widely utilized in the processing of palm and other vegetable and animal oils & fats.


Bleaching Earth Technology and Manufacturing Plant

Bleaching Earth

Phosphoric Acid

High-purity salt for chlor-alkali manufacturing, table salt, in margarine, and many other applications.


We can supply high-quality screw presses of well-proven design, that are widely utilized for palm and seed-oil extraction applications, and are also used for oils, e.g. soyabean.

Screw Presses

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent filter-aid, and is widely used in dewaxing of edible oils.

Diatomaceous Earth

Light-weight, pocket-sized smoke hoods that are safe and effective, yet affordable. Ideal personal protection against smoke and chemical fumes, and against biological agents such as anthrax. Designed primarily for self rescue, from aircraft, high-rise buildings, tunnels, ships, and other enclosed spaces. Everyone should carry one of our smoke hoods.

Vogue Span Great Escape Smoke Hoods

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We are pleased to announce that we now also offer our palm-based mixed tocotrienol/tocopherol concentrates in soft-gel capsule form.

This delivery system has proven to be the preferred form for adults and most children, due to the ease of taking the capsules orally, and with the confidence that the correct dosage has been taken.

Tocotrienol/Tocopherol Concentrate in Soft-Gel Capsules

CDE is one the traditional ingredients used in the formulation of dishwashing liquids, shampoo, foam bath, soap, laundry liquid and liquid detergents. Our CDE is a palm kernel diethanolamide manufactured from refined palm kernel oil. It is a pale yellow liquid which is superior to those CDE manufactured from coconut oil in terms of quality and viscosity. As well as stabilizing foam, CDE helps to prevent excessive degreasing of the scalp and hair and exhibits a mild conditioning effect.

Cocodiethanolamide (CDE)